Your voice is Powerful


If you want to make people STOP IN THEIR TRACKS and not just
HEAR what you have to say, but think,

Then you need to TAKE CONTROL of your voice,

learn how to POWER YOUR SOUND

and master the art of ENGAGING YOUR AUDIENCE. 

Only then, will you unlock

a voice of CREDIBILITY,

a voice of CONFIDENCE and

a voice of CHARISMA

that leaves REAL IMPACT every time you speak.


I’m Sally

My voice has made such a positive difference in my life and I want to gift that to you.

No matter who you are or what you do, your voice speaks volumes about you. Yet many people don’t give their voice a second thought, let alone take control of it.

Like any instrument, if you understand how your voice works and practise, you can master it. From warmth of tone to clarity of speech to the power of pause; there are many ways I can help you own, love and release your voice – unlocking potential you probably didn’t know you had.

With a career spanning broadcast news, corporate public relations and various forms of education; my qualifications include a Licentiate Diploma in Speech and Drama through the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board), a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and a Bachelor of Laws.


Keynote Speaking

InspireME: Voices literally set the tone of organisations – and that sound is catching.  Sally reveals how voices are the untapped opportunity to increase employee engagement, improve culture and supercharge productivity and shares practical, simple ways leaders can take control of their voice to truly inspire.

Achieving Voquality: In a man’s world, how can women achieve voquality? Sally shares her own deeply personal experiences to implore other women to realise the potential of their physical voice and have the courage to speak out in moments that really matter.

Pitch with Pizzazz: Your product is great, your business plan is solid and your people are passionate, but are you doing them justice with your pitch? Sally calls out the importance of delivery in achieving believability and offers strategies to help you face the sharks with confidence.


Sally offers tailored workshops for teams from any industry wanting to learn how to use their voice to maximise potential.


The best way to take your voice and presentation skills to the next level is through bespoke one-on-one intensive coaching. Sally works with a range of professionals, including broadcast journalists.


Whether you’re looking for stately and elegant, fun and interactive, serious and sensitive or all of the above –  I’d love to be the voice of your event.


“Sally's confidence in her craft transfers to those she works with. We have benefited greatly from Sally's expertise and I highly recommend Sally to those who would like to feel confident in the way they communicate.”

Louise DudleyCEO Urban Utilities

“Sally clearly has a brilliant ability to coach, teach and inspire anyone who gets to work with her. Sally created a custom workshop for our specific needs that was really beneficial to our entire group of pitchers. We will definitely be using Sally in the future!”

Damian NikolovInnovation & Strategic Partnerships Lead, Silver Chef

“Sally was a wonderful mentor, who helped boost my confidence while I was studying. She is a fantastic voice coach and her tips and tricks remain with me today. I can’t recommend Sal’s services highly enough.”

Emily Arnold7 News Reporter

“Sally captured the attention of our audience. Her talk was rated as a 5 star presentation and attendees left with more confidence in themselves. We highly recommend Sally as an MC and speaker for your event.”

Paul MeadThe Campference

“Sally has been involved as a coach for CityHack, hosted by AECOM, and WaterHack, Australia’s first water hackathon. Sally was engaging and inspiring, and her sessions are always well received. I couldn’t recommend Sally enough.”

Margarita CamusDigital Innovation Lead, Urban Utilities

“I totally recommend Sally's voice coaching. Sally helped me prepare my speech which was very well received. I also received fantastic feedback from my management team. Hard work and finding the right coach pays off! ”

Nola Maddison-GillClient

“Sally was an incredible mentor when I was looking to start out in the industry. Not only did she help improve my broadcast voice exponentially, but also gave me an insight into what it takes to be a journalist through her experiences.”

Mac Lyon7 News Reporter

“I would highly recommend every journalist do voice lessons with Sally. It was definitely the edge that helped me land my first gig in TV.”

Jessica MoranSouthern Cross News Journalist

“Sally is an amazing voice coach who helped me improve my breathing, tone and enunciation. Her industry experience and guidance proved invaluable when it came to applying for jobs and navigating the day-to-day stressors associated with being a journalist. ”

Laura FrancisSouthern Cross Austereo Journalist

“Sally will take you from amateur to professional and to this day I get commended for my sound and delivery.”

Evie MaddenSenior Media Advisor

“Sally made me feel comfortable and relaxed from our very first session! She spent time working on various exercises from breathing all the way through to reading and recording audio for news stories. If you need a few pointers for uni, help with a job or just want to feel more confident I cannot recommend Sally enough.”

Hannah KotaidisNine News Reporter

“I couldn’t have asked for a better vocal coach than Sally Prosser. With Sally being a trained and experienced journalist, particularly having spent time in regional news, she has a wealth of knowledge. We conduct our classes over Skype and I can barely tell there’s a screen between us because of Sally’s warm, approachable and professional teaching manner. I hope to continue to learn from her for the rest of my career.”

Charlotte LamSBS Journalist

“I found voice coaching with Sally Prosser extremely helpful. Our sessions mostly focussed on radio news reading where I learnt the importance of pace, breath, emphasis, and timing. When I got my first job in radio one of the first items I feedback I got was that I had good tone, so thank you Sally for helping me develop that! Not only is Sally a wonderful teacher, she is also super supportive. ”

Leonie ThorneABC Journalist

“I completed voice training with Sally and would highly recommend her service. Sally created a welcoming and comfortable environment for the lessons and provided everything needed, including microphone and recording software. As a tertiary qualified journalist and qualified speech & drama teacher, I knew I was in good hands and Sally’s experience and professionalism was evident in the service she offered.”

Ruth McCoskerBrisbane Times Journalist

“Coaching lessons with Sally helped me immensely. From voice training exercises (yes, you have to exercise!) to awareness around my voice, I now have a lot more confidence when speaking as I understand my voice and how to make it work for me in the environment I am in.”

Jodie MarshallAccountant

“I would highly recommend Sally's voice coaching. She helped me improve my tone and enunciation, invaluable skills for any journalist!”

Kieran GairSky News Reporter

“Undertaking sessions with Sally was a great decision. As well as being friendly and easy to chat to, she's got some great techniques and explains everything so well.”

Jordan BissellNine News Journalist

“Learning to use my voice effectively has enabled me to positively extend my personal brand with every single conversation I have. I would recommend the session to anyone who uses speech to communicate, which is everyone. You’re a rock star Sally.”

Joe DagefordeWorkshop Participant

“Sally's skill and dedication in voice coaching is excellent. She has worked with a number of my employees and not only improved their voice but their confidence as well. Her ongoing support to her students is admirable and reinforces the work she has done with them. It's transformative.”

Cathie SchnitzerlingRegional Editor Qld, ABC

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I’m based in Teneriffe, Brisbane but happily conduct individual lessons over the internet and am available to travel.

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